Saturday, May 19, 2012

Polliwog Learning Products

I was looking for some great learning Products the other day and I ran into Polliwog Learning products on Etsy. Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop, I love supporting the little businesses like Polliwog. Michele the owner of Polliwog Learning Products was great enough to send me a set of her sand paper letters and Numbers to review. You can find her Etsy shop hear.

some of the sand paper letters

I received Michele's new sand paper letters on a melamine fiberboard. Fiberboard sets come in different sizes and various prices.
A 3x5 Lowercase Sandpaper Letters set runs for $26.00. A 3x5 Uppercase Sandpaper Letters goes for $26.00. The Melamine 3x5 Sandpaper Numbers 0-10 $11.00, and the 3x5 Sandpaper Numbers 11-20 $10.00
Shipping charges range from 5.15 for a single purchase
to 10.95 for all three (or more)

She also sells Fiberboard Mini Sets they are only .75 cents a board a mini size set or lower case letters is $19.50. A set of Mini Uppercase letters sells for $19.50. The Mini Numbers set 0-10 sells for $8.25, and Mini Numbers set 11-20 is $7.50.  Shipping charges up to three sets of minis is $5.15.

The letters and numbers are laser cut out of sandpaper and are adhered to melamine fiberboard. The letters and Numbers are very precise and are done in an easy to read font. I love that they have two different textures. The letters are sand paper so they are a little rough. But the melamine fiberboard has a smoother softer texture. The letters have a small circle cut into the them so that your little one knows which way is UP! This small little feature has been a huge help with my 2 year old. She is always getting her letter upside down which has caused issues with the lower case d, b, and p. When we first got the letter in the mail I explained to her that the dot goes at the top. Now she lays them out that way with no problems getting them up side down.

Both of my girls are in love with Polliwog sandpaper letters and numbers. Not only are they great flash card for learning letters and numbers. If you have both upper and lower case letters they are great for letter matching. They also make amazing card houses. Check out this one my daughter built. I had her identify each letter or number before she could add it to the house.

Sandpaper Numbers
The sandpaper letter and number sets have held up great so far. We have really banged them around and just had fun with them. I have no idea what Michele used to stick the letters and numbers on the melamine fiberboard but it sticks really well and we have had no issues at all.

If your looking for a great learning product to teach your little one letters and numbers try out Polliwog  Learning Products.

Disclosure: I received these products at no cost for review. All opinions are my own or what my kids thought of the product.

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