Monday, January 30, 2012

Via Prive

 I have wore a lot of active wear I was a runner way back in high school and now I'm into cardio kickboxing weights, yoga etc. Most of what I have bought over the years Sucked  the shirts crawled up and exposed too much belly not good just after having a baby, were too short or were crazy tight no matter what size I tried and Pants don't get me started on bad work out pants that stretch out and fall down like my current pair does a non stop frustration when your 30 min into a workout. When I got the Opportunity to review some active wear for Women made by Via Prive I was excited to try something new. Via Prive makes active wear for women its designed to fit in all the right places. Made with QuadraCore™ fabric that gives there clothing a 4 way stretch. they also have this great thing called Eco-Stretch its a printed lining on the waistband secure them in place and prevent the pants from riding up or down thank you Via Prive.  No as a mom who worked out through two pregnancy's I wish I had known about Via Prive Momma that's right Active wear that actually fits a baby belly and looks amazing. Pricing for via Prive is a bit more than what I normally pay for active wear then again may be that's why I have always been un happy with it In this case you get what you pay for a great quality product that looks amazing. Prices range from around $24.00 to around $89.00 depending on what you are looking at getting.

My package arrived quickly and I was excited to open it the first Item out of the box a Pair of Dahlia Active Pants they feature a slim silhouette with a slight flare. That printed lining on the waistband that I was talking about earlier that prevents them from riding up or down, they feature the 4 way stretch fabric and Flat lock seams to eliminate chafing. the company recommends them for Running,Pilates, Yoga,Spinning and every day use. the Dahlia pants sell for $86.00. My first thought was those feel cool. Now I normally wear a medium tall for pants because I have about a 36in inseam the pants I received were mediums but regular in length so I was afraid they were going to be too short.. But being the true reviewer that I am I knew I was going to put them on and use them even if they turned out too short. So I put these baby's on and Holy COW they fit my bum like a glove yes they are a tiny bit too short but not so bad that I look stupid wearing them. The Important thing is My Butt looks great! and were true to size. I gave them a good work out on the tread mill, some weights, chasing the Girls around the house I even wore them to bed one night. NO ride Up and they didn't stretch out Yes I am excited that they didn't stretch out no droopy bum hear. They stayed exactly where I put them they are a lower rise pant they hit me just below my belly button but are not so low that my butt sticks out the top when I bend over.  I know you are thinking that $86.00 is a little steep for a pair of pants but these baby's are worth every penny. I am IN LOVE and if Via Prive ask for them back I would have to hold on them and throw a fit like my two year old fighting for her favorite toy.

I also Received two IVY active wear tops. One in solid black and one in Turquoise. Now I have a love hate relation ship with Active wear tops I love the wicking properties but I hate that most of them fit too snug around my belly and creep up when I'm moving. the IVY top is a Racer Back design for an athletic fit, its made of soft spandex blend that feels super smooth against your skin, the Black one is solid all over and the Turquoise has a contrasting strap that is a darker blue and looks great with the lighter turquoise. It falls right about hip level and is a little looser at the bottom so it does not ride up. Yet it still features a fitted silhouette. They sell for $52.00 and yup I think the IVY top is worth every penny too. This thing is so comfortable I never want to take it off. the Fabric is so soft feeling and it fits in all the right places and it has never rode up not even while I was chasing the girls through the house. I should mention that it does not have a built in Bra.and that's probably my only complaint though most built in bras don't offer enough support for runners so its not all that bad.  I just don't have a sports bra that matches it I have several racer back sports bras and all of them show a little with this top. I have decided I need to just get something in a matching or contrasting color so it wont matter if it shows a little.

So Now I'm dying to try the Jasmine Bra and a pair of Arum Hot Short to round out my work out gear for the year.
I hope everyone will come check out Via Prive
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