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EdAlive Typing Tournament and Math Invaders Review

The girls are still working on there typing skills. They are slow and tend to hunt and peck more than anything. I thought this program by EdAlive called Typing Tournament Online might help them learn to type a little better. EdAlive also has program called Math Invaders Online. These are two different subscriptions but both are reasonably priced.

Math Invaders Online is a math program that is designed to be a fun way to learn math. It uses a game format to help kids have fun while learning math skills. It is designed as a mastery learning system for age 5-15. It covers topics like Times Tables, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Percentages, Decimals, Counting, Squares, Powers, etc. As your child masters a concept the program automatically progresses them to the next level. Kids are motivated to learn by earning new defender levels. The girls have toyed around with this program a bit. They report that the games make practicing fun and they are usually willing to play it at least a few times a week. The only downfall to this program is its internet based so while they can play it on a tablet or phone they must have an internet connection.

Math Invaders has become our rainy day activity. About 2 weeks into the program the girls discovered they could host a game called space rescue and they could invite other players to play with them. Most of the time they are just playing against each other but they find it fun to see if they can beat each other. I like that its fun and educational at the same time. Math Invaders is giving them some extra math practice and for once they are not complaining about it.

Typing Tournament Online is the program the girls have used the most. They are calling it TTO. This one is designed as a complete 10-finger typing course. It is for ages 6 to adult. There is no need to have prior typing experiences. It progressively introduces the whole keyboard and allows the student to work at there own pace. There are 128 lessons including games and drills. Typing Tournament Online teaching works on PC's Tablets, ipads, iphones, Android tablets etc. It solves the problem with the nonstandard on-screen keyboard that is used on mobile devices by substituting its own specially created onscreen keyboard that has a standard layout. You get unlimited 24 hour 7 day a week access. The only down fall is its internet based so if you must have internet to use it.  As far as typing programs go this is one of the better ones we have tried. What makes it better is its been updated so the graphics are modern and it the audio is easy to understand. The girls say the instructions are very clear and easy to understand. They describe the typing games as fun. The games have a medieval theme with 16 different levels they can advance through as there typing skills get better and better. As they progress through the program they are given test to evaluate how they are doing and an opportunity to earn tokens that you can use to watch a movie.

From the teachers end of things it offers a teacher account with printable reports so its
easy to keep a log of each child's progress. It has an unlimited amount of printable worksheets that you can choose from for some extra practice when they need it. It offers graphs etc to help you track progress and see any areas they might need a little help working on. Both girls have really improved there typing speed and accuracy. They enjoy playing the math game and blasting away aliens and are really getting some much needed math fact practice.

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