Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Hydroponic gardening

Me and the girls are trying out hydroponics in the garden this year. I bought a small setup online which I am not going to recommend this specific one or even the seller. They were shipping from the USA but apparently they are from China and they sent me a controller that is completely in Chinese and both the controller and the pump won’t run on a USA outlet. I had to order a new pump and controller. Any way it’s now set up the green house seeds are starting to sprout  finally! We transplanted a couple of strawberry plants from our big bed just as an experiment to see if we could get them to grow in the hydroponic. We have like 4 varieties of lettuce started and some purple cabbage just because I wanted to see what it would do. Our temperature dropped back to freezing so I had to cover everything with ground cloth to keep them from freezing. We got the liquid nutrients in the tank and the PH adjusted so I guess now we watch and wait.

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