Tuesday, July 24, 2018

When The Nail is Stuck

When the nail is stuck you get a bigger pry bar. 


This week we began a fixer upper project at our home. Our deck is aging  and it needs to be replaced. It was not built correctly to start with and since we need to replace most of the post and a few beams we are tearing the hole thing down and doing it right. We will also be expanding to make it large enough for our BBQ and a decent patio set. 

The first thing they did wrong with the existing deck is they sunk the post directly into the dirt which causes rot many of the post rotted from the inside out. They did not attach the joist to the post correctly so it's weak. They also used standard nails instead of galvanized or deck nails. A lot of them have rusted away to almost nothing. So here are a few pictures of demo day. Ill share some more as we move along on the project.

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