Monday, April 13, 2015

Field Trip Time

This last weekend we took a trip to Twin Pines Conservation center. The conservation center does an annual Heritage day event.  This event helps kids and families see how pioneers in Missouri lived. There are so many things to see and do it takes us several hours to see it all. They have a historical log cabin complete with stone fire place and a rope bed with straw mattress. I can only imagine what it would have been like to cook for a family of 5 in that fire place.

The is a historical one room school house on the property. It is open to the public and contains all the things that would have been in a school house of the time period. Most of the items are historical and were donated to the conservation center. It is complete with oil lamps, wood stove, real black boards and desk. The girls got a kick out of seeing the old desk. The fact that there Nana sat in one when she was in school was even funnier. They were surprised to see that the school house had the same type of slate boards that we use in our class.
There were people making lye soap. This is something my grandma used to do as a child. I heard her tell stories of stirring the soap over a open fire for hours. Grandma told of how her mom made the lye from wood ash. We finally got to see the soap making process from start to finish.  Soap making is a skill I have been wanting to learn.
There were two women weaving baskets. They showed step by step how they were made. Everything from splitting the wood down to thin strips to soaking it to make it pliable. Basket weaving is not a skill I have learned. Though it would be fun to try. We may use this as a art project this winter.
This year the girls got to climb up and sit in a real working stage coach. The stage coach has been restored and they man that owns it travels around to different events and trail rides. He still drives the coach which pulled by a team of horses.
The girls got to make jump ropes by hand and they even got to go fishing for the first time. The conservation center is a great place to learn to fish. They keep a stocked pond and offer poles, bate, and tackle for anyone who wants to try it out. Both girls caught good sized fish. I am told they are blue gill. Though I wouldn't have a clue if they really are or not.

We always have a blast at these events.  If you are ever in Missouri I hope you get the chance to catch a Heritage day event.


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