Friday, August 30, 2019

Today as I was leaving the office the incoming shift took a 911 call for an older gentleman that had been in a motorcycle accident. I briefly listened to the call information and when on my way. As I came in to town I caught this photo of AirVac lifting (I was parked when I took the photo don't flip out). I don't usually get to witness this end of the call. I am usually the one on the other side of the mike/phone. For those of us that live in rural communities AirVac is something we depend on when there is a medical emergency. Our amazing crew of volunteer First responders/Firefighters and our Paramedics/EMT's/work together with AirVac to take care of those who are severely injured.  If you ever have the chance to shake the hand of AirVac pilot or that of an EMT/Paramedic/FireFighter/First Responder you should. Thank these men and women who sacrifice so much to help those in need often times for little or no pay. 

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