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Tied 2 Teaching STEM Activities Review

The girls love doing hands on lessons. So we are excited to Introduce you to this STEM Learning program from Tied 2 Teaching. They offer this great set called STEM Activities, Full Year of Challenges with Close Reading. First off this is a downloadable product so you will need internet access to at least purchase and get the package downloaded. Once downloaded you save the activity units to your computer and you can print each one when you are ready to use it. You will need internet if you want your child to utilize the additional reading resource links. You can print the reading passages ahead of time if you do not have internet. This is a large set of STEM projects, 65 in total. Each project is in the ball park of 18 pages.

We did several of the STEM projects but the Upcycled Bird House Challenge with close reading was a favorite. I chose to click the link and print the reading passage. I also printed the packet that I downloaded. The packet includes instructions and Q & A pages. So first I had the girls take turns reading the passage that was suggested it was about birds/habitat etc. Then they each answered the question with information they would have learned from the reading assignment. Next they read the directions for the challenge. They did the your mission sheet. It had them answer some questions to help them get started: Ask, Imagine, Plan, create, improve. This was very self explanatory and the girls knew just what to do just by reading the work sheet. They did a page where they showed the steps to building/designing there bird house. There were some pages that they could answer after they built the bird house. Thing like what worked best, what could I do better next time etc. They made the bird houses out of recycled juice and water bottles. Recycled hay from the garden and some left over yarn from a previous project.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Some of the other STEM projects we tried from this set were the Design a Balloon Tower Challenge. Where your child builds a balloon tower with nothing but balloons and tape. This one set off a balloon fight so our towers never got very tall. But it had some great reading and it really was a fun challenge that kept them busy for an hour.
We also did the Build a Bone Bridge Challenge. Where the girls had to build a bridge out of q-tips over a bed of fictional lava. The reading for this one surprised me. I anticipated a reading lesson on bridges and work pages on bridges. Turns out it was a lesson on the bones in our body.  The girls felt the question sheets were a little to easy but we also just finished a unit on human anatomy and they seemed to have absorbed a crazy amount of information on the topic. We also enjoyed this activity even if the reading and work pages were different than what we anticipated. It took several tries to figure out what methods and items worked the best to get a stable bridge. The actual building stage of this challenge kept them busy for quite some time. We had a number of bridge collapses before they figured a way to keep one standing any period of time. 

This Tied 2 Teaching package has so many great STEM challenges I just cant tell you about all of them. So I am going to encourage you to click the link blow and check out the projects that the other crew members have tried.
STEM Activities, Full Year of Challenges with Close Reading {Tied 2 Teaching Reviews}

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