Thursday, December 6, 2018

This is happening in our house

There is trend among most youth sports where kids smack talk to each other and parents argue and fight with other parents cotches and referees. The amazing group of kids you see before you is changing that trend. 

The girls began martial arts classes about 3 months a go. Next to Homeschooling this was the best decision I have ever made for them. The kids in there classes amaze me every week. They support and encourage each other at every session. This week GabbyGirl went up for yellow belt testing. As she stood in line waiting for her name to be called every other child there whether they knew her or not either wished her good luck or said something encouraging like you've got this. When she was awarded her yellow belt every one of them shook her hand. Near the end of the night the kids that were yellow belt and above came out to spar. Each kid shook hands before the match. They battled it out martial arts style and when it was over they shook hands and told each other how well they had done. I even caught snatches of conversations where opponents were helping each other by showing them how they could improve a kick or punch or stance or form.  Not all the kids in this photo are from our regular class but they are all from with in the same organization they compete together they practice together and they learn together. 

Training Principles that we Live by:

Be Polite
Be Patient
Be Brave
Be Alert
 Do Your Best
Respect Yourself and Others 
Never Give Up!

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