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I Know It Interactive Math Lessons K - 5 grade
Are you looking for a good math supplement for your student how about giving I Know It a try. This is an online comprehensive math practice site for students K-5th grade. This program can be used for those that are struggling in math, just need some extra practice, or you can even use it for homework assignments. Students can work a their own pace, the program is based on mastery of skills and is aligned with common core. You can check out pricing by visiting the website at
I Know It Interactive Math Lessons K - 5 grade

I am not big on common core based curriculum. But we decided to give this a try any way the Gabby girl has been trying this out as some extra practice work for some of the areas that she is having a little trouble with. 

I set up our account listing her as a student. She gets her own log in etc. then you put the child in an assigned grade level as well as math ability. You can then give them assignments for specific areas that you want them to work on. You can also view progress from the parent account. Progress comes in the form of a chart shows the lesson the status of the lesson and completion date as well as score. Then you can click on more info and get an html version of the questions and answers, score time spent etc. Its all printable or you can do a screen shot of it for your records if need be.

When they log in it takes them to a home page. The first thing they see is those  assignments. They can also explore topics that are under their assigned level. I prefer giving her assignments because I can guide her to the areas that she is needing to work on. I have also let her have some free time to just browse around and work on some areas she feels she needs more practice with. 

We did not find in-depth explanations on how to do the problems but there is a hint button for each question that does help a little. However the number of hints they can use is limited for each lesson. I did not see where this could be changed. I could see a child that struggles with math running out of hints fairly quick. I feel like the program covers a range of topics. Things like Measurement, Numbers and place value, addition and subtraction, basic multiplication, basic division, multi digit multiplication, word problems, fractions, time, money, geometry, graphing, measurement in both SAE and metric. The program tells them if the questions are right or wrong as soon as they submit the answer. There is a cute little robot looking guy in the side bar at the right of the page that does a little trick when you get it right. You can change it from the robot to a smile face or turn it off all together. That same side bar also tells them how many questions they have completed and how many they have left. 

Over all I think its a nice supplement for some additional math practice. I feel like the grade level is about right although a few topics seemed to be a little easy for her grade at times. Be sure to click the banner below to see what the other Crew Members had to say about of the other grade levels.

Interactive Math Lessons K - 5 grade {I Know It Reviews}
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  1. Thanks so much for the kind review.

    On the "my account" page, there is an option to allow unlimited hints. (The default is 3 hints per lesson, but this can be turned off.)

    I appreciate you reviewing IKI. :)