Friday, May 18, 2018

Camping shenanigans

We took a little trip in our favorite rocket ship. I would like to introduce you to the Cargo Pod that we haul behind our Rocket Ship on occasion.

This is our Cargo Pod. It houses my parents and all the extra gear the elderly require like memory foam beds and AC. 

These two and my self don't use such nice accommodations and sleep in the tent you see behind my goofy girls. That other Cargo Pod behind the second goofy girl is not ours. It decided to photo bomb us because it thinks its cooler than our Cargo Pod.

And this is what happens when you hang upside down from a Hammock.

I didn't take many pictures this go around. We spent most of our time riding the mountain bikes and hiking. The girls ran into a couple of friends from last fall's camping trip and spent a good deal of time bike riding with them and soaking each other with the water guns. 

I am pleased to announce that my Kodiak Flex Bow Tent holds up well to a summer thunderstorm with some pretty stiff winds. Me and the girls road out a good one Monday night. The girls were so comfy in there sleeping bags and camp cots that they slept through the storm and didn't know it had rained tell they next morning. 

Then I found this Pillow on Facebook and I must make my own version that says:

Sorry for what I said while we were parking the Cargo Pod

Happy Camping!

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