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A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.) Review

 A+ Interactive Math

Good Morning Homeschooling Momma's do you remember a review  I did last year on A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.)?  Well guess what they have a new program Adaptive Math Curriculum Online and it is so cool. First off There are several subscription packages. You can do everything from a subscription for just one student to a 2-10 student package. You can do a monthly subscription, a 3-month subscription or a yearly subscription.

Adaptive MathThe Adaptive Math Curriculum Online is a little different than the Family Math Package I reviewed before. First, you will enroll your student in there target grade level. It then requires the student to take a placement test before they can do the lessons. These are small test for each of the major sections in math. The program automatically adjusts the difficulty level of questions based on what answers your child provides. It then detects any learning gaps within the Target grade level you have set for your child. Once that is done it automatically creates a lesson plan for your student. This plan helps them to fill the gaps and master anything that they still need to work on. The plan gives your child video lessons, practice online worksheets, interactive review, automatic grading, and tracking. The program covers grades 1-6 and Pre-Algebra.

We are using this program to work on the areas that other math programs were lacking on. Both my 3rd and 5th graders are using the program. I got them signed up, they each have a separate login. When they log in for the first time it will prompt them to take the first placement test. On the very first test, they both ran out of time and had to start over. After two tries and it timing out both time I realized I needed to access the setting and increase the allotted time for the test. Once I increased the allotted time they were able to finish the first test.

The lessons are all automated so if math is not your strong point this might be a good program for you.  The lessons are user-friendly for an older child like mine. Both of the girls are able to navigate the lesson plan as well as taking a new placement test when they are ready. Since this program is adaptive you child has to take a placement test before they can do any of the lessons. I felt like there were too many placement tests to do all at once. So I have each of the girls take one placement test and then if they pass it they can go on to the next placement test. If they do not pass the placement test I have them go to the lesson plan and work on that lesson plan. Once they finish the lesson plan they retake the placement test and if they pass they move on to the next placement test. So far this method has worked well for the girls. Also you are not required to take all the placement test. You can have your child take only the sections that you know they are struggling with.  Example: my 3rd grader I know she has been having a hard time with multiplication. So I had her start with the multiplication placement test. She did not meet the goal so she had to do the lessons for that section then retest. We skipped the addition placement test because I know she does great with addition.

The program also offers reporting, which helps with the grading aspect. Its all automated so there is little work for you to do as the teacher for grading and record keeping. The reports are nice you can download them or print them. They are colored reports so a color printer does make them look nice. I have included a couple screenshots so you can get an idea of what they look like. They are very straightforward and easy to read. I am very pleased with the reports. The kids can even view there progress through their log in page. They also get a certificate of sorts when they pass a lesson it tells them great job and gives them a grade. We print these and put them in our portfolio box. 

These are all our favorite features of the new program I hope you found my review helpful. If you would like to check out what some of the other reviewers had to say click on the banner below and take a look.

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