Saturday, February 24, 2018

Homeschooling ?s

Do people ever ask you crazy questions about homeschooling. My favorite question came from the man that works in our local grocery store. He works in the freezer section. My kids are quite friendly with him and they have to locate him in the store to say Hello and ask how he is doing, every time we are at the store. On this particular day we were expecting snow and ice. We were picking up ice cream because well what's a snow/ice storm with out Ice Cream right. When he pops out of the freezer and ask us

Man: "Do homeschool kids get snow days?"
Daughter: Only if there is 3 inches or more.
Man: Why does it have to be 3 inches or more to get a snow day.
Daughter: Because that's when the sled goes the fastest.
Man: Does teacher mommy ever let you just go out in play in the snow when we don't get 3inches.
Daughter: Yes, we do science experiments in the snow.
Man: What type of science experiments can you do in the snow?
Daughter: The kind that are fun.
Man: Give me an example.
Daughter: Did you know if you try to blow a bubble when it is below 32 degrees you can actually watch it freeze n mid air. They make the most beautiful ice bubbles ever, and they will actually shatter.

Fast forward to the next week. Our grocery store friend once again pops out of the freezer and says: They really do make the most beautiful ice bubbles ever. What else you got!

So this is the relationship my kids have with the grocery store man. They give him a science lesson in the freezer section and he goes home to see if it really works.

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