Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Cold Weather Shenanigans

We were below freezing for 14 days here in our home state night time temps were in the negative numbers and day time temps were in the teens. Things that don't normally freeze froze. Me and the girls took a trip to one of our favorite swimming holes because we heard that the waterfall had froze over. The area where we are on the Ice is thick, around 6in. Since this is one of our regular swimming holes I knew the water was no deeper than my youngest knees. We had a good time observing under water life through the ice. We also discovered a flash light and a flip flop. 

You can see all the rocks people have thrown trying to break the ice

Walking on water

Mom the fish are still swimming under here

Check out the fish.

What do your cold weather Shenanigans look like?

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