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MarshMedia Review

Health Education Products for K-8 {MarshMedia } 

My oldest will be 10 soon and I have been looking for some health class videos for her that are tastefully done and not crazy old. I remember watching an outdated black and white health video when in school when I was her age. I got the chance to try out MarshMedia and their Health & Puberty Education videos. They have a Homeschool Special just for homeschoolers like us.

My daughter started with the video called Growing Up! For Girls graders 5-7. Run time is about 14 min. This video is modern and it covers self-confidence and information on the reproductive system with some basic anatomy. It also covers emotional and physical transformations that happen during puberty. Along with useful advice on things like nutrition and hygiene.

She was impressed with the video and actually watched it several time. She said it had lots of information that was easy to understand. I liked that it was updated and it covered all the basics a girl of her age needed to know. It was a great conversation starter and I was impressed with how the video was done. I don't consider this a sex education video. As it only covers how a girls body changes as they experience puberty. 

Health Education Products for K-8 {MarshMedia }

We also watched a video called Let's Just Talk Video for Girls. This video has about a 19 min run time. This video is staged at a sleepover where the girls listen to a radio show that discusses puberty. It covers things like physical and emotional changes, Hygiene and the female reproductive system. I felt like it was a fun informative way to discuss puberty and the changes that come with it. My daughter liked it she said it seemed like a real conversation and I think that makes it easier to relate to. 

Both of my girls watches the You're Not a Little Kid Anymore- Personal Hygiene video. It is geared for grades 3-5 and  runs for about 18 minutes. It covers topics like bathing, hand washing, the importance of having clean clothes etc. This is video is done in a sort of musical message. Both of the girls thought it was fun. I enjoyed that it got the message out in a fun unusual format. I have heard the girls walking around singing the tune several times now. So the information is sticking.

Every video we watched was age appropriate and tastefully done. I love that they are offering a special for homeschool families. Right now you can get access to all 59 videos for $50.00  This price gives you access to all 59 videos until 12-31-2017.  If you wish to take advantage of the opportunity to introduce the MarshMedia curriculum to your homeschooler click on the link below for more information:  

Health Education Products for K-8 {MarshMedia }

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