Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Can anyone guess what we got today.....Yup that's right we are now the proud owners of two 20ft cargo containers. They are not in their permanent location yet though. The driver was unable to off load them on the pad next to the shop where we wanted them. So we will have put them on logs and roll them up there with the dodge. So for now this is their home at least tell I get a couple trees cut down. So why do we have cargo containers you ask. I bet you all are thinking I am going to use my craftiness to make a container cabin right. WRONG its just storage for all the parts I have taken off the truck and the mustang so I can have some room in the shop to actually do body work and start assembling things. It will more than likely house the lawn mower and probably some other random junk that we have sitting around the needs a home.

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