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HomeSchool Scholastics, WAY Comes Home Kit Review

WAY Comes Home Kit
Health class is in session. We are doing a health class from HomeSchool Scholastics, an i4 Learning company We are using the WAY Comes Home Kit and it's loaded with activities and lessons your kids are sure to love. Take a look at the picture and see all the great things that come in the kit. There are three levels of work books covering grades K-1, 2-3, and grades 4-5, Posters, activity pages, a DVD, Stethoscope, Scale, Finger print ink. teachers book etc.

WAY Comes Home Kit

There are 5 modules in this program. Each Module has three sections a Health Safari, Me Mysteries, and Innerspace Adventure. Module 1 is called getting started. Module 2 is called Where do you begin? Module 2 is Let's Get Active, Module 4 is The Nutrition WAY, and Module 5 is Health-It's Personal. We used the grade 2-3 workbook and the grade 4-5 workbook. The WAY me mysteries workbook is for grades 2-3 and the WAY Innerspace Adventure workbook is for grades 4-5. The workbooks are nice, they are colored and include some instruction and activities for you child to do. I found the workbooks to be easy to use. The teachers manual is a great help. It explains what you are teaching and just gives some really easy to follow directions for teaching this program to you kids. Each Module or activity has a Parent Prep section to help you make sure you as the teacher are ready to teach the class. There is a lesson at a glance section which gets you going on teaching the lesson. It tell you things like additional library books that you can get. What you need for the lesson. and a What to Do section which tells you the steps for teaching the lesson. This part is broke down by number so its easy to follow it even tells you what video segment to use with your child.

We used the video like instructed in the teachers manual. It ask us to start with the introduction and use each video before each of the lessons. My 2nd grader liked it but my 4th grader felt it was a baby video and got board with it a little easy I had to keep reminding her to pay attention. Over all it was decent video and helped them to get started with the days lesson. The video also has a physical activity section that has some fun easy exercises to get your kids up and moving. Both girls liked this section as they had one for each of grade level groups. The spent a lot of time giggling and having fun with it. This was our go to exercise video on rainy days.

I found the content of the program to be well rounded but a tad to simple for my 4th grader. Many of the things we had already covered in a lower grade. So if this is the first health class your 4th grader has ever done than it will most likely be a great program for them. If they have done a health class before than it will be more of a review. For my 2nd grader the content was just right. It covered the important things she needed to know in a fun way. She enjoyed the included stethoscope as well as the cool scales.  The activity pages and other items helped to bring a hand on aspect to the class. Making it easier to remember the lessons. Both of the girls learned some great things with this program and they had some fun doing it. Don't forget to click the link below and see what all the other Crew members are saying about HomeSchool Scholastics. Everyone tried out a different level !

WAY Comes Home Kit Review
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