Saturday, July 18, 2015

Loose Teeth

Today my daughter lost a tooth. This is her third loose tooth and the event is still a dramatic one. Her teeth take forever to fall out once they start getting loose. The top front tooth has been loose for months now. She wiggles it but it does no good they just come out when they are good and ready. Today she is blaming it on the sandwich. Yup that's right she lost a tooth in a sandwich a turkey sandwich to be precise.  She is all in a panic about the tooth. Running around the kitchen yelling what do I do what do I do!!!!! Little sister is chanting PULL IT OUT PULL IT OUT ! over and over again at the top of her lungs as I am trying to get her to calm down and let me look at it.  I finally catch her and the offending tooth is just dangling. When I say dangling I mean she can exhale and it flops around. I tried to convince her to let me take it out the rest of the way but she wont budge.  The dentist told her when they get that loose she has until bedtime to yank it herself or mom has to do it. I offered her an extra dollar to let me yank it right now but she is standing firm and wont let me do it. I told her she has 15 minutes to decide then the offer is off the table. If she waits tell bed time and I still have to yank it no dollar. Little sister is currently trying to convince her that the dollar is totally worth it.

What funny tooth stories do you have?

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