Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Class is Starting

I am days away from the start of my first collage class. I am taking Aroma 101 with the American Collage of Healthcare Sciences. Hopefully it wont be too hard of a class and I will be able to manage it and teaching the girls and everything else I have going on right not. But with a little Prayer and some late nights I will do my best and hopefully get a good enough grade to possibly take some more classes when I can get the money together for them. My class came with some books one of which seems huge and I am wondering how we will get through it in one semester. There is also an E-book and a nice stash of essential oils and supplies for making the different blends I we will need to make for the class. My mom has so graciously offered to be my guinea pig she is a good sport when it comes to trying out my home made items. She was a great sport with the deodorant trial we had over the summer. So hear is a look at all my goodies too bad that oil box wasn't all filled up but I guess it will eventually.

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