Thursday, November 6, 2014

Adventure Bible Kidz Bibles

Thanks to the great people at my girls and I were given the wonderful opportunity to try out The Adventure Bible. We have received three versions of the Adventure Kids Bible in the last year and have enjoyed them greatly. The first Bible is the NIV edition and it is bound in leather. The second Is the New King James edition and it is a hard back book. The Third is the Adventure Bible for Toddlers. The Leather bound sells for $39.99 and the hard back sells for $29.99. The Toddler bible sells for $9.99. You can check out all the different Adventure Bibles HERE.

First I am going to talk about the Leather bound and hard back Adventure Bible. Both are beautiful children's bibles with lots of color. I do how ever have a preference for the leather bound version and so do the girls. There is just a certain feel about a leather bound Bible that is special. The pages on the leather bound bible have an added design printed on the edge of them that adds a little extra fun to it. The leather bound version also has a ribbon book mark where the hard back version does not.
Both bibles have the same great features: They are full color bibles, "Life in Bible Times" are articles and illustrations that describe what life was like in ancient days. "People in Bible Times" Articles offers a close-up look at amazing people of the Bible. "Words to Treasure" are great verses to memorize. "Live it" are hands on activities that help you apply biblical truths to your life. "Did you Know?" are cool facts that help you understand God's word and the life of faith. Both Bibles are listed for ages 9-12. My 7 year old second grader can read it well and is using it to gain a good understanding of God's word.  Both Bibles include colored maps in the back that the girls just love exploring. I love the "Did you Know" facts I have learned some great facts that I might never have learned. There is also a Bible Memory app that is available on the app store click HERE to check it out its $1.99. The app goes along great with the Adventure Bible we will begin using it next school year as a part of our Bible study lesson. I would love to see the Adventure Bible offered in the King James edition.

 Last but certainly not least we have to Adventure Bible for Toddlers. This is quite possibly one of the cutest toddler bibles I have ever seen. Its a hard back board book so its tough enough hold up to little hands. It covers ten wonderful stories from the Old and New Testament. Each story is written in color and beautifully illustrated and captures the attention of little ones well. The stories are written simple enough for little ones to understand. My three year old niece loves having this read to her by great grandma and has fallen in love with many for the Bible stories included in the Adventure Bible for Toddlers.

Disclosure: I received  these products free of charge in order to publish this review all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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