Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fit Made Fun Day

Frog Jump
Hey everyone this past Saturday Sept 6th I partnered with LeapFrog and CLIF Kid to host a Fit Made Fun Party. We invited some family and friends over to get there kids moving and playing. We got the opportunity to try out the New LeapBand by LeapFrog and had some great snacks provided CLIF Kid. I set up the LeapBands the night before to be sure they were charged and ready to go. I downloaded the 60 minutes in motion cards and some other great activities for the kids. I think the 60 minutes in motion cards were the favorite of the day. They kids has a blast it was a race to see who could finish first. Some of the parents even joined in the fun. Rock and Role and the Frog Jump were by far the favorite of the day.

one of the first friends to arrive
she couldn't wait to check it out.
The LeapBand is a cool interactive activity tracker designed just for kids to encourage active play and healthy habits with cute customizable pet pals. You can program it for school time and bed time so they are not allowed to play during those times. Kids have to do activities to earn points to unlock fun and new rewards. Kids can even track their progress on the energy bar. Parents can set up 50 different challenges to get their kids active. The LeapBand comes in three colors, blue, pink, green.  They are water resistant and have a rechargeable battery. There is also a Pethathlon App that you can get for smart phones and tablets and the LeapPad ultra. The LeapBand sells for about $ 39.99. You can get at several different places including walmart. You can also click HERE to get it from LeapFrog. My only complaint is the band is kind of stiff and might be a little tight on a bigger kids wrist. The color on the screen is great and the pets are super cute. The activities are a blast and I love that I can set it so they cant play with it during school time. The kids would like it to be a bit louder they had a hard time hearing it when there was more than one of them around.

After all that moving and wiggling the kids were hungry and were ready for a snack. Our snack was provided by CLIF Kid. We received CLIF KID ZBar Protein in chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate and Chocolate Mint. Each bar has 5g of protein and 3 grams of fiber. Sugar content ranges from 8 to 9 grams per bar so they are lower in sugar content than some of the other brands we have tried. They are also made with organic whole grains. The kids loved these things and they made a great healthy snack. My girls are not much for granola type bars they usually choose carrots over them so I was surprised at how much they enjoyed these. The other kids seemed to enjoy them and even took some of the left overs home.
I know they are good but take the wrapper
off first please!

Disclosure: I received these products free of charge in order to host this party. It was sponsored by LeapFrog LeapBand, CLIF KID, and BSM media.

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