Monday, February 24, 2014

Tommee Tippee Sipppy Cut

Introducing the Tommee Tippee limited edition sippy cup line. It's called the "Three Ring Circus" Collection. It features a new design on the brands signature spill proof Drink Cup, Sporty Bottle, Spout Cup and Straw Cup. Check out he picture to see the new designs. They are now available at Babies R Us they sell for right around $7.00 for a 2 pack and come in both boy and girl colors.
I used Tommee Tippee spill proof drink cups when the girls were younger I think I had all the styles at one time or another. I honestly loved the cups they worked great and I think the only time I ever had trouble with them leaking was when my daughter would get the lid loose.  They are great cups and they both of my girls loved them. We received a two pack of the new straw cup design and even though my girls are a tad big for spill proof cups they are in love with them. My 4 year old has drank so much water in the last week I am starting to wonder if she is going to float away.
I only have one small issue with the new straw cups we received. Some times the girls complain that they cant get anything out of it when the cup is full.  I think the girls are just sucking too hard on the straw and collapsing the soft flexible portion of it. They are older kids 6 and 4 and have more sucking power than a toddler does.
Like many spill proof cups there are a couple pieces you need to take apart when you wash. Its not a big deal for me and I found them to be simple enough to take apart and put back together.

Disclosure: I received a two pack of the Tommee Tippee Straw cup to test out for this review. All opinions are my own or that of my kids.

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