Thursday, September 15, 2011


I am a cloth diapering momma and I decided to blog about one of the hybrid diapers on our shelf. gDiapers are a three part hybrid diaper you can either use the disposable insert in them or you can put a cloth insert inside.

gDiapers come in Five sizes Tiny gPants are for new Born's 6 to 10 lbs, small gPants are for baby's 8-14lbs, medium gPants are for baby's 13-28lbs, large gpants are for baby's 26-36lbs, and the newest gPants size XL are for baby 34+ lbs

Part one of the g diaper system is the covers.  The covers come in a slection of cute colors and a few prints. Garden Party, Gflutter, goddess pink, game day, g camper,glacier blue, good morning sunshine, great orange, guppy green, grateful red, giddy up brown, and galley blue are there new colors and prints which you can see at We how ever have some of the older prints and colors.

Left medium gPant, Middle M/L snap in liner, Right biodegradable gRefills
The g diaper covers are unique they have a cute g on the bum and they have a snap in liner that you can pop out if it becomes soiled and replace with a new snap in liner. Another unique quality is that the covers also close on baby's back instead of the front which is great if you have little helping hands that like to take there diapers off.  Our covers have held up well over the last two years there colors are still Bright and don't seem get pilly as they are a Cotton type fabric ours are in a decent size rotation so they could show more wear if they were in a small rotation.

Part two are the Gsnap in-liners are a snap in liner that uses special tiny flat snaps so that you can remove the liner if it becomes soiled and reuse the cover. I love this idea how ever the liners tended to wear out on us after about 6 months or so. they lasted longer for us if we did not put them in the dryer. You can get replacement gsnap-in liners for about $20.00 for a box of 6. on the g diaper web site

Part three is the biodegradable  gRefills which is what we used when going to town because i didn't like hauling a stinky diaper around.  They are a flush able biodegradable insert that you put in the snap in liner and take out when its soiled. When baby soils the liner you take it out of the snap in liner tear off one side shake it into the potty swish it around with the handy dandy swish stick tell it breaks apart and then flush it away. they run for $14.49 for a pack of 32 medium/large biodegradable gRefills on the g diaper website 
You can also use a gCloth insert. which is a washable cloth insert that you wash after its been soiled and reused after its washed and dried.  I cant say much about the gCloth inserts because we have never had the opportunity to try them. We did how ever use a regular cloth insert and it wonderfully. You can get gCloth inserts at the g diaper website they run about $29.99 for a 6 pack.

gDiapers are a great hybrid diapering system that work well for most baby's. We did have a few weeks where we were in between sizes and we just couldn't get a good fit and had leak trouble but you can have that problem with any diapering system you buy. I would definitely recommend gDiapers for moms looking to try out cloth diapering or like us wanting a disposable system that we could use on the go.

I hope you enjoyed this review on gDiapers


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