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La La Logic preschool curriculum Review

La La Logic Review
La La Logic is the newest curriculum in our classroom. We received the preschool curriculum several weeks a go, and quickly jumped in. You can check out the La La Logic site at http://LaLaLogic.com. This preschool curriculum has been designed to teach kids to think logically. This program is designed for kids ages 3-6 years old. Every week has a online brain challenge, a printable worksheet, and extension activities to do together with your kids. There are 100 weeks of fun material, so there is plenty to keep busy with. A weekly schedule is included for mom so planning is easy. There is a place for making notes for each child's progress. How ever I have not discovered a way to print them. You can also check off when each week has been completed. I found the weekly download simple to download and print. Lessons are done 4 or 5 days a week, and only take about 15-20 min each. The price for this program is very fair. Its a one time fee of $29 per house hold and tracks up to five children. The program is child safe. There are no outside ad's or odd pop up's while your child is using the program. This would be a great program for families with multiple children.

The online brain challenge is the girls favorite part. You can use the online brain challenge on pc, mac, iPad or android tablets. It is made up of FUN "brain training" exercises that look just like a game. The exercises are full of color and grab your attention. The girl couldn't believe I was letting them play a game during class time. They hardly ever need me to give them directions for the brain challenges. They can usually figure out how to do it long before I do.  We have tried La La Logic on both the PC and Ipad. It runs great on both, but the girls prefer to use it on the iPad. I believe they prefer the Ipad, because they can tap and touch and move the things on the screen using their hands. The online activities change over time and get more difficult as your kids progress through the lessons. The automatic progression keeps them challenged. Snoopy is 5 and she has the attention span of a gnat some days. This is our go to program on those days.  The lessons are designed for a young child's attention span. So they don't take hours to get through. The lesson gets them thinking and doing quickly. Each lesson changes enough to keep her attention as we progress through the week. Lessons are done in 4 or 5 days. Snoopy can do them in about 10-15min.  These are her favorite type of brain challenges. She loves these puzzle type challenges.

La La Logic Review
La La Logic also includes printable worksheets. The worksheets are used to strengthen a child's critical thinking abilities and problem solving skills. The worksheets are also an amazing way to improve your child's fine motor skills. There is cutting and pasting and coloring and folding etc. We have really enjoyed these worksheets. I print off a few of them for the weeks lesson on Saturday night. Hotrod girl is 7 and says they are "boring" so Snoopy has been the one to use these the most. She seems to struggle with cutting things out, and the pintables have really helped. Her find motor skills have improved a lot since she first began with the program.  She even ask for more pages that involve cutting and pasting.  She is not a big fan of coloring so she has mostly been doing the cutting and pasting pages. Hear is a small sample of the worksheets that are offered with the program.
La La Logic ReviewExtension activities or enrichment activities are offline fun family type activities. You can do them with things you already have around your house. It includes things like scavenger hunts(one of our favorites) dramatic play, puzzles, nature study's, word games. There have even been some story time and discussion assignments. Enrichment activities often incorporate science, literature, language and communication skills.  Both girls participate in the enrichment activities. The girls really like scavenger hunts the best. How ever the song and movement activities come in a close second. The other day we did the head, shoulders, knees, and toes song. The activity has you touch each body part as you go through the song. We chose to get faster and faster each time we sang the song. Bye the time we sang it through a few times, the girls were giggling so hard to take a break.  After the song activity ask us to discuss some questions like which finger is shortest. We found the enrichment activity to be a huge blessing when it is too cold or hot to play out side.
I don't think you can really go wrong with La La Logic.  I would be hard pressed to find something that I truly dislike about it. You can click the banner below to hear what other parents are saying about La La Logic.
La La Logic Review
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