Sunday, February 26, 2012


I found this great new product called GRiPPiES now if your a mom your going to want to get some of these. they are a stick on or Iron on No-Slip solution for tights, socks and gloves! they are really simple to use. They are machine washable and dryer safe!

they are not this dark they are clear I had to get a shadow
so you could see them.
 The great Mom behind GRiPPiES was kind enough to send me some free samples to test out for you. Since they were kind enough to send me some samples to test we got right to it.

 GRiPPiES come in two shapes clear ovals and Clear bears. they also have two kinds Peel and Stick or Iron on.
If they are the peel and stick you do just that. Peel them off and stick them on the bottom of your socks or gloves or tights.
 If they are the Iron on ones Preheat iron to Hottest setting NO STEAM. You will cut out the desired number of GRiPPiES from the sheet Do not remove individual GRiPPiES . You then place the cardboard insert into the garment. Peel off waxed paper backing and adhere GRiPPiES, still attached to the adhesive sheet, to garment in the desired position. Place cloth napkin on top of the garment. Firmly Press down on garment with iron for approximately 60 seconds. Remove Iron, cloth and adhesive backing. Note adhesive backing mist be peeled off while hot.! Allow to cool. If needed, place adhesive backing/cloth back over GRiPPiES  and press for 20 seconds more. They can be found at they sell for 5.99 for a pack of 24 which is enough grippies to do quite a few socks!

see dirty kid foot
So I used the Stick on GRiPPiES first I stuck them to the bottom of my 4 year olds socks and instructed her to slide accost the kitchen floor. This is not something normally allowed in our house so of course she looked at me like I had two heads. I told her Just this one time. So she gets a running start thinking that if she has this free pass she is going to give it her all before Momma changes her mind. Well I fooled her good she skidded to a stop she looked at me funny and said I messed that one up let me try again. I told her to go for it. Try as she may she could not slide accost the kitchen floor. So I Iron these baby's on my 2 year olds Footed PJ's Now this is her favorite pair and she has worn off all the no skid dots that were on them when we bought them. She is constantly falling down on the slick hard wood floor but because these are her favorite she insist on wearing them. Well Fall no more Little Bug GRiPPiES has saved the day! I love it. They have been thorough the washer and dryer several times a week for a few weeks now and they are still holding strong. They are very hard to see on the bottom of your socks because they are clear. They do show up how ever once the bottom of the sock gets dirty we have this nice clean bear shape on the bottom. Doesn't bother me a bit Its kind of turned into a reminder to my 4 year old to change her socks. I even plan on adding them to the bottom of my Grandmas socks so that she doesn't slip and fall when walking on the hard wood floor.

You can find GRiPPiES hear . I love that they are affordable enough for my tight budget and Work just like the Package says.


  1. Ooooh! A friend of mine was after these for us adults, apparently a company out of the UK does them. This looks closer. So cool and glad they wash up well. So glad I swung by from Bloggy Moms!

  2. I've been trying to buy these on line but every time I click on Buy now it goes straight back to the home page. I live in the UK and can't find any links, there isn't even a contact email address. Has anyone got any ideas?

    1. Hello did you ever find out if you could buy these in theUK